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The mascara edit

The mascara edit

Ever feel like your never going to find the ONE? Sick of wasting money on losers that just aren’t giving your lashes what they need? You are not alone.

The world of mascara is frustrating.

The lovely packaging and pretty pictures lure us in but I’m still searching for my soul mate.

I’ve come to the conclusion that one mascara alone is just not going to cut the mustard and I often use two different ones to get the results I want.

Now the qualities I’m looking for in a mascara is VOLUME. I’m obsessed. A friend of mine Alex and I often debate as she is all about LENGTH she loves the Est茅e Lauder double wear zero smudge lengthening….

A girl I work with (and have serious lash envy of) uses the Maybelline Falsies her trick is to use her old mascara as the base then uses the new one over the top to give her extra thick lashes.聽Whilst I haven’t tried this particular mascara yet I have tried the technique and have to say I like the results!聽My best friend Gina also SWEARS by this mascara so this will be next on my hit list….

Here is my tried and tested list please feel free to add comments on your current favs or ones to avoid and together we might all find our perfect mascara 馃檪

Maxfactor false lash – I like this it gives you thick lashes however the brush is big and clunky and I often get it on my lid which is annoying if you’ve spent time doing your eye make up.

Loreal volume excess Noir – a good general mascara although needs a few coats and can start to crumble when it starts to get older. A shaped plastic brush.

False lash flutter – this is my newest purchase and so far I like it. I’ve been using the Lanc么me cils underneath as a base. The brush is plastic and curved which helps getting right to the root.

Dior show – I thought this was expensive and have never been happy with the results it seems to weigh heavy on the lashes and even if you curl them they drop. The consistency is to liquid so hard to get thick lashes with it.

Lanc么me Hypnose Doll Eyes – a nice small pointed brush which means you can catch all those small lashes particularly the lower lashes, definitely need to use something as a based under it if your a volume junkie like me.

Maxfactor Excess Volume – this has two ends. End 1 is extreme volume. Is has the same brush as the false lash effect which is too chunky for me and end 2 is dark lacquer this has a bristle brush rather than plastic but the mascara on this side is very thin. I didn’t really rate this mascara, it was SO difficult to get the packaging off and is so hard to get off like waterproof.

Benefit they’re real! – I did see good results with this however it did smudge under my eyes (I never have this problem with anything else) so I had to stop using it. As much as I love pandas I didn’t want to be one. A plastic brush with bristles on end to help get small lower lashes.

Lanc么me cils booster – this is white and can only be used under mascara I like it and would definitely buy again. I might try a cheaper alternative to see if it’s worth the extra money though first.

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  1. Victoria Hesketh 10 years ago

    Fab post Louise!
    I’m also a victim of limp lashes, I’ve spent a fortune on so many different mascara’s over the years. Finally settled on Lanc么me Hypnose, although I still feel like something’s missing – gonna give the doubling up trick a go – here’s to plump lashes! X

  2. LORRAINE BENN 10 years ago

    I too have lash envy of everyone as my lashes are short, fair and fine, I havent found the “perfect” one yet but I always go back to mabeline mascaras, my friend who has amazing lashes swears by clinique mascara, lets hope the PERFECT mascara is out there !!!!!!!

  3. Sophie 10 years ago

    Every time I veer away from the Lanc么me Hypnose range I regret it. I really like the Drama mascara & am just about to give the Glamour one a go. I don’t rate Clinique mascaras. I’ll have to give some of the tips above a whirl!

  4. Debs 10 years ago

    I’ve spent a fortune on mascara over the years but recently I found my perfect everyday mascara from Topshop!! It’s the 3D Curve and it covers all my lashes perfect. It’s great for daywear as I don’t want big dramatic lashes. For night time I always go for Est茅e Lauder Sumptuous Extreme. This gives a thick coating and makes them really long. The only annoying thing I find with all mascara is that it only lasts a few months before it’s goes all dry and cloggy!! But forget YSL, Chanel, Dior……Topshop is a must.

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