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Let me give you some lip service…

Let me give you some lip service…

I’ve been asked to blog about lipsticks, so here it is I hope you enjoy it…. 

By confession I’m a lipstick addict I’m sure this comes as no shock. The early 2000’s were all about lip gloss, especially juicy tubes!! My friends and I had loads of them…. One gust of wind and your hair was stuck all over your face. Nightmare. 

Whilst gloss will always have a place in my make up bag these days I’m all about lip colour. 

My favourite brand for lipstick is MAC their colour ranges and offering of different textures is pretty awesome. I can’t list all the colours I have or have tried as I could go on and on but I do especially LOVE the matte lipsticks they do. In particular, Please Me, Lady Danger and Relentlessly Red (which is actually more pink than red). Personally I think matte lips look really cool but if you suffer with dry or cracked lips then a matte lip is not your friend. Make sure you keep your smackers well hydrated if you want to try this look! I’ve recently purchased candy yum yum which is a shocking pink to make the boys wink.

Now those who know me know that I love love love Tom Ford make up in any capacity but especially their lipsticks.  I have Spanish pink which is a lovely soft pink, great for everyday, blush nude which for me is a bit pale on it’s own but it does look great over the top of strong lip colours to tone them down, cherry lush (which is the best red I’ve ever found, it’s a beautiful rich red -stunning!), true coral and black orchid, you’ll see me wearing this very dark colour a lot I love it when I’m feeling a bit gothy. Now as with anything Tom Ford it doesn’t come cheap at £37 it’s definitely more of a treat however for me I think they are worth it. Extremely hydrating and creamy, a lovely product. They also seem to stain the lip too giving you colour even after the lipstick has worn off. 

A great budget lipstick are the ones from Topshop, they do a small but perfectly formed range of colours which are a great price at £8. There is also a rumour they are made by MAC! The only trouble with them is the packaging as all the paint wears off and they end up looking very tatty. 

I’ve recently bought Potent from Estée Lauder which is from their Pure Color Envy range this is a very similar colour to the Spanish pink from Tom Ford but at £24 it’s a little kinder to your purse. It also stains lips in the same way so the colour stays long after the product has worn off. This is a definite keeper. 

Since it’s holiday season I’m always looking for long wear products to keep looking good round the pool or at the beach. I bought the maxfactor lipfinity and while the colour does last I find it very drying and doesn’t feel very pleasant. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore of them. 

So that’s my whirl wind tour of my lipstick draw 🙂 as always I welcome your comments and recommendations. Enjoy! 

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  1. Eleanor Foster 9 years ago

    Really useful blog Louise. Always struggle to find a lippy that stays on but hydrates at the same time so thanks for your top tips!!

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